Hey friend,

Another month, another copy cat.

Every couple of months, I struggle with the same issue. I give my time helping someone learn how to build something unique; I freely give them access to all the code they might need to take examples from - they thank me and go on their way. Then days later, when they publicise, they have built a thing - it's identical to what you were doing.

When this happens, I used to feel just one thing, mild anger. But recently, that has shifted. Maybe it's the months I've spent in lockdown with more free time than usual. Now when I see something that looks suspiciously similar to sld.codes, I instead feel pushed to make my offering better - whether that's the site, a side project, or this newsletter. Rant over.

The new format.

I've redesigned this newsletter to bring it in line with the whimsical nature of my website. The site has undergone plenty of changes over the last few months, and I finally wrote about some of them! I'm not a born writer. Writing is like being on a rollercoaster; sometimes you feel like you have soo much to talk about, and other times, you cant get more than a few words out. I talk about how I alleviated that pressure and many other technical changes, so have a read if you're interested.

Much like my site, this newsletter should be fun, and I've done my best to include easter eggs. Happy hunting!

Exciting news.

February will be my last month at American Express. I'm moving into the startup world and joining a fresh new tech team working on a brand new product! Wish me luck.