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How To Ask For Help On Slack

Bad Habits

Instant messaging platforms we are used to like Whatsapp and messenger have got us into some bad habits that we shouldn’t carry over to slack. Let me give you an example of an all too common script that isnt quite right.

BOB: Hey ME: Hi BOB: *Bob is typing...* ME: *I am waiting...* BOB: How are you? ME: Fine thanks. BOB: *Bob is typing...* ME: *I am waiting...* BOB: Could help me with X?

So why is this a problem? As soon as that first message is sent, I get a notification on my laptop. I stop the work I am doing and navigate to the chat. When I get there, I see “hi” and nothing else. I then have to wait for the user to formulate the question. This is valuable time I could have been using to focus on my work.

Then, out of politeness I am asked “How are you?“. I know the intentions are good but odds are I would rather be working, than small talking.

All this can be fixed with a comma

BOB: Hey, I was wondering if you could help me with X. ME: *Already starting to type about the thing you need!*






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